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Three Women


Village in the Heights is a member driven organization of neighbors

living in the eastern suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio. 


Our purpose is to support one another as we get older and to enhance

our quality of life in the communities we know and love.


We are one of many villages around the country. Aging in Place with the help of

The Village Movement allows people to live independently in their own homes

much longer. 


Our solution focuses on freedom and control, addressing many needs and

opportunities. We remain active and take care of ourselves and others - rather

than being "taken care of."

Live better longer, at home!


Here are some of the things we will do for you:


  • No-cost volunteer services such as transportation, grocery shopping, minor household repairs, and friendly visits.


  • Cultural, social, and educational events, and gatherings reflecting Village members' special interests.


  • Health, wellness, and fitness activities.


  • New friends


  • Self-assurance for you and your loved ones



Belonging to Village in the Heights will help you continue to live in your home

and neighborhood. Here are just a few examples of "neighbors helping neighbors":


  • If you need a ride to the grocery or your doctor, our volunteers will drive you.
  • If your doorbell is broken, we will fix it for you.
  • If your remote control does not work, we will repair it.
  • If you are lonely we will visit, call, and be sure you join in our ongoing programming.


We invite you to learn more about us and sign up to be a member, volunteer,

service provider, or supporter.


The Village Model

A Village is a grass-roots community membership group, with volunteers acting

as "neighbors helping neighbors".


The first Village - Beacon Hill Village - opened in Boston in 2002. More and more

Villages began to open, and the Village Movement was born.


Eventually, a peer group called Village to Village Network was established, to

help grow existing Villages and lend support to emergent ones.


The Village Movement is still growing, with hundreds of Villages in North America.

To learn more, please visit the Village to Village Network.